Consumables and On-Site Service

Supplies are another valued service Pirrello Enterprises offers for your document imaging system, which includes document scanners and micrographics.

Consumables-Scanners.jpgDid you know that lack of cleaning is the #1 cause of scanner breakdowns? Just like changing your car's oil, scanners need regular, preventive maintenance; if you take care of your scanner, your scanner will take care of you.

Document scanner supplies include consumables (rollers, separation pads and glass flats) and cleaning supplies for major scanner brands, including all current and many discontinued models of Kodak, Panasonic and Fujitsu.

kodakrollfilm.jpgMicrographics supplies include film, imprint toner, sundries and processing chemicals for microfilm and microfiches for all major micrographics brands.

We offer on-site service repair and preventive maintenance of all makes of Micrographic Machines, Document Scanners and Check Scanners by certified technichans.

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Ease of retrieval - no more shuffling for documents

Control access - designate who has access to what

Less storage on premises - more space in your office

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