Pirrello Enterprises provides paper and microfilm scanning. We specialize in large format and non-destructive book scanning.


Record storage is an ideal, cost-effective and accessible solution to store, track and manage information.


Pirrello Enterprises provides Secure, AAA NAID Certified confidential shredding services.

Pirrello Enterprises Hard Drive and Tape Shredding

In this world of technology, more and more sensitive information is being stored digitally on computers, tablets or other electronic media devices. Banking information, business information, medical records, and even tax records are kept digitally. But what do you do when a hard drive or other media storage needs to be replaced or becomes unusable?

Deleting files, formatting or erasing a drive does not guarantee the data has been removed. In fact, it can still be easily recovered with free software. Punch holes destroy some information but what is left behind can be recovered. Only physical destruction of hard drives and other media ensures the data is 100% destroyed and irrecoverable.

Pirrello Enterprises hard drive destruction service provides an unbroken Chain of Custody, ensuring a secure end-to-end process. All electronics will be inventoried by serial number or if not available, items will be barcoded. Materials will be taken to Pirrello's secured and monitored shredding facility where shredding is performed by qualified Pirrello trained staff. Upon completion, a signed Certificate of Destruction is provided.

Is Hard Drive Destruction for You?

Are you unsure if hard drive destruction is for you? Below for some examples of those that can benefit from this service:

Educational Institutions

Health Organizations

Law Offices

Benefits of shredding drives and tapes:

Ensure data is 100% destroyed and irrecoverable

Maintain compliance with HIPPA and FACTA

Remove liability for having unused items easily accessible to others

Certificate of Destruction upon completion

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