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ScanPro9300.pngFor years, microfilm has been known for its longevity, dependability and capacity to store large amounts of information in a very small physical space making it the storage medium of choice for many historical documents and records.

While microfilm continues to be an important long-term storage option for data, digitizing microfilm makes it easily accessible to more people and the records exist in two places - on the roll for use in the scanner and in digital format which can be shared, including emailed.

ScanPro scanners are idea for scanning microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards and are designed for all types of users; from heavy researchers to the casual library patron who needs a one-time look-up. These digital micrographic scanners allow the user to send an image directly to the printer or save it as a PDF, allowing for seamless integration with the current digital age quick and efficiently.

ScanPro microfilm scanners are built for reliability, performance and ease-of-use; making them the micrographic equipment of choice for libraries, universities and businesses alike.

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Ease of retrieval - no more shuffling for documents

Control access - designate who has access to what

Less storage on premises - more space in your office

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