Large/Wide Format Scanning and Imaging

We scan large maps, drawings, books, newspapers, and more

Libraries, county prothonotaries, historical societies, architectural and engineering firms are just a few of the businesses that benefit from our specialized large and wide format scanning.

As a document management specialist company, Pirrello Enterprises has the specialized equipment and expertise required for scanning and imaging large and wide format projects.

Our book scanners range from flat-plane to the Atiz adjustable V-cradle. Using Atiz allows us to scan large books and other materials such as newspapers without the risk of damage to the items being scanned, keeping everything intact.

Production grade Vidar scanners enable us to handle architectural sketches, detailed maps and drawings up to 42" and produce clean, crisp scans in color, bi-tonal and gray scale.

Large/Wide format services Include:

Transferring your documents to our facility where they will be prepped for scanning. If needed, staples, paper clips, sticky notes or other physical attachments will be removed making the documents ready for scanning.

Next, our skilled staff will capture and convert your documents. Quality control will ensure that each image has been captured precisely. Upon verification, your digital documents are transferred to a media format of your choice.

Scanning & Archiving puts your documents at your fingertips

Old & Historical Books





Large Drawings


Ease of retrieval - no more shuffling for documents

Control access - designate who has access to what

Less storage on premises - more space in your office

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