Take Control of Your Business Documents and Files

Companies save time and money by converting their documents and records to digital or by having them managed off-site. Pirrelo Enterprises understands your document management needs and provides solutions based on customer specific requirements and resources.

Document Scanning / Imaging gives you access to your information when you need it either at your desk or by internet via our online client software. We scan and index not only day to day documents but also large and wide format and microfilm (see below), making them easily accessible and digitized.

Document Management provides you with options for scanning, archiving and securing documents, while making your data easily accessible when you need it.

Large / Wide Format Scanning of larger documents and records such as drawings up to 42", newspapers, county books or historical items can easily be digitized with our specialized equipment.

Micrographics Digital Imaging provides a way to economically preserve information that is still valuable and needs to be readily available.

Records Storage provides efficient, cost-effective, off-site management of business related records from single sheets of paper to large engineer drawings with all records easily retrievable, should you need them back in your office.

Scan Store Shred


Ease of retrieval - no more shuffling for documents

Control access - designate who has access to what

Less storage on premises - more space in your office

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