Document Scanning

Pirrello Enterprises can seemlessly transform your paper documents and records into indexed electronic files, making for easy retrieval when you need them. Our scanning options allow you to choose if we scan all your archive files, a portion of the frequently accessed ones, or we can store the records and have specific files scanned when requested using our Scan on Demand.

Preparing To Go Digital

To maximize efficiency, we provide a thorough consultation and analyze your needs, enabling us to customize a solution that best fits your business needs and budget. We furnish all the prep work, taking care of even the smallest details. Removal of staples, unfolding page corners, repositioning a sticky note; we do whatever is needed to organize and protect your documents.

Options for Storing and Viewing Your Digital Images

At Pirrello Enterprises one size does not fit all, so we offer multiple options for storing and viewing your images.

- Import to most document software programs

- Transfer using FTP

- Hosted on our Secure Image Repository

- Save to Hard Drives, DVDs, CDs or Flash Drives

- Scan-On-Demand with access through our secure web server or via email




Ease of retrieval - no more shuffling for documents

Control access - designate who has access to what

Less storage on premises - more space in your office

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