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DigitalMicrofilmScanner.jpgMicrofilm, Microfiche and aperture cards have been around a long time. As one of the first methods of converting paper documents into a long-term storage solution, the information stored on these media represent old transactions and records that are valuable but cumbersome to pull data from on a timely basis. Real-time access to this archival information is possible by converting it into digital images, a speciality of Pirrello Enterprises.

Benefits of Converting Microfilm, Microfiche or Aperture Cards


* Reduces risk of losing condifential, priceless, historical data

* Provides you with reliable back-up copies and trusted recovery

* Saves time with faster and easier retrieval & viewing of key documents using your PC

* Allows you to easily share data with others

* Maintains security and controlled access to documents, files and images

* With digital, you no longer have degradation of image/film quality

* Reduces costs to maintain older technology and large climate-controlled storage facilities


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