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Microfilm to Digital

microfilm-scanning.jpgMicrofilm, Microfiche and Aperture Card Scanning to Digital

The information stored on these items may be old but it's still valuable. Unfortunately, retrieving and sharing this archival information isn't easy but with real-time access (the scanning and converting of information into digital images) that would change.

Scanning and converting microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards into digital images requires skill, special equipment and patience. Mekel-MachVIImicrofiche-scanner.jpgAs a leading provider of conversion services, Pirrello Enterprises has the experience, know-how of handling fragile media, the latest and best scanning equipment, and thorough quality assurance; all working together to provide the high quality images you want. Along with supporting document management software, you will be able to store and retrieve images after they are created.

With image quality being imperative, we are committed to providing the highest quality images as possible in the industry.

Benefits of Converting Microfilm, Microfiche or Aperture Cards

* Reduces risk of losing confidential, priceless, historical data

* Provides you with reliable back-up copies and trusted recovery

* Saves time with faster and easier retrieval & viewing of key documents using your PC

* Allows you to easily share data with others

* Maintains security and controlled access to documents, files and images

* With digital, you no longer have degradation of image/film quality

* Reduces costs to maintain older technology and large climate-controlled storage facilities



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