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Invoice Processing

Managing invoices has always been manual, which allows for errors and additional costs.   Using an invoice processing solution to connect all the information together can prove to be efficient and cost effective.

An invoice processing solution can be as simple as scanning documents or as complicated as database look-ups and/or automated data extraction that tie purchase orders and general ledger codes from your accounting software to each line item on your invoice.

By automating the invoice process, you eliminate time spent searching for or requesting invoices, shipping, storing and printing of invoices, all of which impact company costs.

Pirrello Enterprises has years' of experience offering a complete range of invoice processing solutions. Using the latest technologies, our skilled professionals can scan and index several thousand invoices per day. This allows for the job to be done without having to purchase additional equipment or software.

If you prefer doing the job yourself, we can propose and implement the scanning hardware and software solutions you'll need. These technologies will simplify your business processes, cut costs and provide a more efficient answer to invoice processing. 

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