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Pirrello Enterprises Hold and Scan

scanningpapers.jpgPirrello Enterprises is aware of the challenges record managers face when trying to budget for the storage and/or conversion of their records.

In an attempt to alleviate the headache of budget constraints, Pirrello Enterprises has developed Hold-N-Scan.

The Hold and Scan process involves holding your records while scanning them into digital format. This process can be arranged on a monthly basis, at a pace specified by our client, in order to match a set budget. This allows facilities to split the cost of converting their records into multiple budget years while records are at Pirrello Enterprises Facility.

The records are immediately removed freeing up precious office space and returned in a convenient electronic form on a monthly basis.

Why throw your precious budget dollars away on off-site storage and only have a bill to show for it? Using Pirrello Enterprises you will receive digitized records for instant access.

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