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FileBound Document Management

FileBoundFileBound On-Premise software is an affordable document management solution that addresses critical business needs and improves the way you process and manage your valuable documents. The challenge today is implementing seamless solutions that find, control, optimize and protect information created from many sources in different formats.  FileBound addresses a range of user needs and offers broad functionality, including secure access, workflow and document archiving.  Only FileBound offers unlimited user licensing, allowing you to adopt the solution across your entire organization.

Document Management is a critical technology that helps companies manage important files, in addition to scanned images. Document management systems should be able to handle electronic information, including Microsoft Office documents, Adobe documents as well as hundreds of other document types. In addition, a document management system handles other unstructured information, such as faxes, photographs, XML components, video clips, podcasts, hand-written notes and e-mail messages. FileBound is the premier document management solution ideally suited for organizations of all sizes.

FileBound boosts your productivity by helping:

*Streamline your AP department to run smoother with fewer staff and better results

*Keep your sensitive HR records safe, secure and available as needed

*Improve your AR department turn without adding staff

*Reduce your use of expensive couriers or additional equipment to send documents

*Eliminate time wasting searching for records

*Put an end to "lost documents" and futile searches

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