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A patient's chart holds the most important information for the patient and scanning these documents can be the most difficult set of documents to convert. Every paper must be accurately captured, each photo captured in high quality color, and handwritten text must come through in an easily legible image. Other critical information may exist outside of the chart and need to be tied in by scanning. Having all of the patients’ information together is a necessity to the patient's care. Missing information can lead to negative patient care and financial liability.

At Pirrello Enterprises, we have the knowledge and latest technology to do this scanning.  Starting with document preparation, we go through the chart and make sure everything document is prepped and scan ready. Next, each document is scanned in duplex (front and back); films are scanned one-sided, in color. Lastly, quality-control performs a double check to ensure each document in the chart has been scanned and is of good quality. Additionally, we can also do microfilm and microfiche conversion.


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