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Document and Scanning Process

Kodaki4600.jpgAlthough document scanning and conversion is done by other companies, quality work and great service sets us apart. Our technicians have years of experience and are dedicated to providing accurate and quality work the first time. We use high volume production scanners from Kodak, so you receive the highest quality images available.

Taking Paper to Digital

Pirrello's document imaging services can handle just about all types of paper, from aperture cards to patient records, invoices and purchase orders to old large county books, engineering drawings and maps to commercial blueprints - paper up to 42 inches by 42 inches. Here is how our conversion process works:

1. Pick-up:  All boxes are barcoded and entered into a tracking system.

2. Prep:  Open envelopes, remove papers from binders, clips, files and any other type of binding, remove staples and paper clips, fix folds and tears, and insert separator sheets.  This is labor-intense but necessary to get quality images.

3. Scan:  Production grade scanners and image capturing software are used to give the highest quality images. First QC performed, removing any blank images.

4. Index:  Customer specified fields are indexed and ready to be uploaded into your document management system. Once uploaded, they will be easy to find and access.     

5. Quality Control:  QC supervisor views all images; any found questionable are pulled and rescanned.

6. Output:  Capture data, export into proper format: PDF, JPEG, TIFF and others.  CD/DVD master sets with thermal labels are included.

7. Destruction:  Boxes are stored awaiting customer review of images. Once reviewed and approved, boxes are set for destruction within 30 - 60 days as indicated on customer signed Letter of Destruction.

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