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Document Capture

Document Capture is the first and most important step in document management solutions. Document capture involves people, preparation, scanning, technology and processes. Although this sounds like an easy equation, it's one that can go bad quickly.

An effective document capture solution is not just scanners and software, but instead requires a bit of creative thinking and significant know-how in creating a solution to fit your needs. The last thing you want is a document capture system that is cobbled together, where people spend more time looking for documents across multiple systems than working, because no one can find anything. You want a clean capture solution where documents flow from your scanner straight through to your line of business application with little or no intervention.

Pirrello Enterprises has the experience in document capture to propose a plan for your business based upon current and projected needs. We'll recommend the right mix of scanners, software, and training that'll work for you.

Pirrello Enterprises Document Capture - where Solutions and Technology come together.

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